Artemis Papert

Artemis Papert, shiatsu therapist
I have been working as a shiatsu massage therapist since 2003. I see my role as that of a facilitator that helps you (re)access your own healing process, whether physical or emotional. I have a strong interest in the relationship between body and mind. I also have a keen interest in dream analysis according to the ideas of C.G.Jung.

But let's go back a little. My interest in alternative therapies started many years ago, when I was training as a biologist in Geneva, Switzerland. Among all the courses I took at university, there was one that really stood out: medicinal botany. My interest in the healing properties of plants and in alternative therapies has continued ever since.

My journey as a professional therapist started in 1999 with a Reiki training. In 2003, I qualified as a Shiatsu therapist from the Aberdeen School of Shiatsu (formerly Aberdeen College of Shiatsu) in Scotland.

I moved to Montreal in 2011. I work in my own space, in St Henri. This allows me to offer more in depth healing and relaxing tretaments than I would be able to do in a Spa environment.

Besides the healing arts, another of my passions is creating art.

My qualifications, professional memberships and volunteer work:

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